Best Free Antivirus - Comodo Antivirus Free 2016

Comodo Antivirus Free.
Comodo Antivirus Free is a utility that can get rid viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, hackers, and other Internet threats on the computer.

As one of the best free antivirus, Comodo scan any drive or file, providing in-depth reports on virus activity if there is, it detects suspicious files that behave like viruses.

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Even scan compressed files such as .zip files, where viruses often hide there. The latest version provides a huge leap in terms of security and usability with the addition of cloud based virus-scanning and behavior analysis of unrecognized files.

Free Comodo as an antivirus solution for Windows offers full antivirus protection, a solid and basic features comparable to the ranks of free antivirus, including desktop widgets, firewall protection, game modes, filing drag-and-drop suspicious applications for analysis, and based definition cloud, but also comes with some unique enhancements, such as Comodo Dragon browser, secure web, free of charge.

Comodo Antivirus
Comodo Antivirus is a utility intelligent defense systems from viruses, offering multiple layers of protection high technology (hi-tech) against known and unknown threats. Includes free automatic update feature, the latest in antivirus coverage and provides real protection at no cost.

The good results in independent lab tests.
A good score for blocking malware.
Including Browser, virtual desktops, sandboxing.

Some laboratories include Comodo is still in testing.
Phishing protection.


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Comodo Antivirus free is one of the best antivirus, offer adequate protection and throughout the advanced security features. But the advanced features may be too complicated for the average user.

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Review: Reviewed by: Updated: March 16, 2016 Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Comodo Antivirus is a utility smart defense system which is free to protect from viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, hackers, and other Internet threats. Download Comodo Antivirus free